Hi I’m Nathan!
I have been working as a SEO Specialist (Search Engine Optimizer) since 2006. Oh how everything has changed in ten years!

I created Lifted SEO in 2007, where I was able to help company optimize their websites for search engine traffic and higher ranking.

This allowed me to begin my journey into starting my own e-Commerce business. I have spent years learning new strategies and new platforms (WordPress, BigCommerce, Shopify) just to name a few. Along with how you grow and scale your online presents through branding, social media, shopping feeds, and paid marketing. I spend time daily researching and testing so my clients don’t have to.
In 2014 I merged Lifted SEO with my Digital Marketing Company and so begin Lifted Marketing and my desire to teach other’s what I have learned over the years.

I look forward to working with you, creating your amazing brand voice and showing you how to use your website and social media platforms to get your voice heard!