I need a website! Now what?

By February 4, 2018Blog

I need a website!  Now what?

Take a look at these 5 easy steps to get started

  1. Decide on the type of website you want – Do you want a simple 5 page website showcasing your products or services? Do you want to sell something and have an e-commerce store? Do you want to display the work you do in an online gallery?  Is there something special you need your website to do?
  2. Take a look at other websites to see what they do well.
  3. Look at other companies that do the same thing you do to find out things you like about other websites.  Come up with 3-5 website designs or layouts that you like.
  4. Look at your competition – try to be different than them in the design of your website, but try to mention some of the same things like services and things that set you apart
  5. Work with your web designer to go over details.  For example, how many pages do you want, do you need special features like an online store or to process credit cards.  Do you need some awesome product photos or photos of your staff?  How about a video to show your potential clients who you are and what you do.  Also, define your business to better market to your ideal client.

If you have more question we are here to help.

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