Website Design Project – Think of your website as your home

By August 5, 2018Blog

I like to tell clients that when we are doing a Website Design project it is like building a new home

The actual www. (Your domain name) is your street address.
The building of the house is done by a contractor (the website is built by a designer. Once the house is finished, The rooms are the pages, the blog is the extra decorations. The wires connect the cable, electricity, and pipes bring water (like alt tags, title tags and page names) The front yard showcases your house and tells people what the inside looks like ( like photos and a description). The back yard is hidden from people similar to your back end of the website. Your neighbors can be there to help you out, like a link helps out your site build popularity. Once your house is built and you move in you love it! But, if you don’t maintain it, it will stop working. If you don’t bake cookies for your neighbors, they might not help you out, and if your yard starts to get weeds and lawn dies your not taking care of it or maintaining it, it will start to look like an abandon house.

Somethings you can do on your own and others you need help on. Like your website, some you can do on your own and other things you need to hire someone for.   Just remember the goal is to turn your website from a house to a home 🙂

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